Something To Avoid With New Or Existing Hosting Accounts

Transcript of the Chat Session below:

[Initial Question]: 
(4:12 pm) [System] Customer has entered chat and is waiting for an agent.
(4:28 pm) [Chris M.] Hello thank you for contacting, My name is Chris I will be more than happy to help you with your issues today.
(4:28 pm) [Chris M.] How can I assist you?
(4:28 pm) [Gary Jenkins]: I’d like to know why my ticket to cancel my account and issue a refund has not been processed.
(4:30 pm) [Chris M.] How long ago did you put it in?
(4:30 pm) [Gary Jenkins]: Nov. 29th.
(4:31 pm) [Chris M.] One moment
(4:34 pm) [Chris M.] I have not forgotten you, I’m still working on this issue, thank you for your continued patience.
(4:34 pm) [Gary Jenkins]: o.k.
(4:35 pm) [Chris M.] Thank you for your patience
(4:39 pm) [Chris M.] I have not forgotten you, I’m still working on this issue, thank you for your continued patience.
(4:43 pm) [Chris M.] Your request has been escalated it will be replied to soon
(4:43 pm) [Chris M.] Can I have the pleasure of helping you with anything else?
(4:44 pm) [Gary Jenkins]: Can you tell me how long is soon? An hour, a day?
(4:47 pm) [Chris M.] Should be with in a few hours, a day at the most
(4:47 pm) [Gary Jenkins]: o.k. thank you. I think that will be all.
(4:48 pm) [System] Chat closed by customer request.


I recently changed hosting companies and normally it would be a painless event this time it has been a disaster.

With most if not all hosting companies it is a common practice to set your billing to “Auto Renew”. I know this and like I said it is normally painless, but this time it was not.

My store Your Neighborhood Store was hosted on Hostgator, and the service and performance was great. I had intended to renew the hosting until I got the bill which was $179 for the next year. That amount included the dedicated IP and SSL certificate and since it was all setup I was thinking the cost would be around $130 for the year and that would have been o.k, but not $179. Especially since I had moved my membership site Fan Page Management to another hosting company back in May and getting great service and performance and it only cost me $101 including the dedicated IP and SSL.

Now that you have the background this is what you need to watch out for. It’s “Auto Renew”. You are more than likely to find it with any hosting company you go with and it seems harmless, unless you want to cancel. That’s were my store starts to go crazy.

When I couldn’t get in touch with Hostgator Support to find out if there were any special I could use to reduce the cost I decided to go with the new hosting account. The hostgator account should have ended on November 28th, but Auto Renew kicked in and they charged my credit card $179. I realized the charge on the 29th. And contacted Hostgator about canceling the account and getting a refund.

I found out that to cancel your account required a support ticket, so I opened a ticket to cancel the account and within minutes got an email saying it takes between 24-72 for it to be processed. Strange right, since they open and setup new accounts in minutes. But, o.k. I waited two days and there was no update no nothing so I replied to their email and asked what was the status. Nothing!

So, today the third day I called the number that was in their email and got the message they were busy with new customers and I might have a long wait time. Then I got the message I could leave a message. Never got to speak to anyone. I guess real people were only for the new customers. While I was waiting on the phone I started a chat session and hung up the phone. I started a recording because I wasn’t sure what I was going to be told.



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