Magic (Google) Fonts Plugin


Magic (Google) Fonts Plugin

I want to tell you about Magic Fonts Plugin and the benefits of using the Magic Fonts Plugin.

The problem was I wanted a better looking Blog. Not one that looked like all the rest.

It was difficult to load new fonts to my Blogs, but there was a couple of solutions.   With existing solutions I had to edit template files, or use short codes in my pages and posts.I tried making changes to files, and ending up messing up my whole blog.

After fixing my blog from making changes to files I tried using short codes. That worked ok, except I couldn’t see what the page, or posts would look like right there in the editor. I had to save and then view it to see what my changes looked like.

I quickly learned that with the Magic Fonts Plugin there was No more File Editing, and No more short-codes.

I realized it was point and click easy to use. 

Other sites I found that had these great fonts where using graphic files, not fonts. Using a graphic looks as good, but its not searchable by Google and other search engines.
I don’t know how many of them may have gone thru the trial and error process using short codes.

With the Magic Font Plugin Once its installed its a point and click process.
I’ve used several Fonts on this page just to show you they are all Fonts and readable by the search engines. The page was created using the WYSIWYG editor.

Just think how much easier your life would be if you didn’t have to worry about changing the fonts on your Pages and Posts.  You would never have to edit any of your WordPress, or Template files, and you will never have to use the trial and error method of getting your pages and posts look the way you want it to look.

The biggest change would be making your Blog unique to the 72 million other blogs on this planet. That will keep people reading longer.

  Magic Font Plugin
  Easy Plugin Install.
  Full documentation.
  Just that easy!

How much is it worth to you to make your Blog unique to the other 72 million blogs on the internet?  And, never have to edit a single file?

For $7.00 you can make your Blog unique!
But, that is a special price just for the Holidays, and it will return to $12
So, click the Buy Button below, now.


Start using fonts like this:


This Is The “Architects Daughter” 22pt High Rise.

 This Is The “Rock Slalt” Font 14pt Green Neon.

This Is The “Pirata One” Font 28pt Emboss.

This Is The “Henny Penny” Font 26pt Red Stoke.

This Is The “Yesteryear” Font 26pt Black Stoke.

There are no graphics above they are all text fonts that search engine can read. Unlike graphics that can’t be read by search engines and rely on alternate text and other methods to explain what they are.


Display any of the 600+ Google Web Fonts in your posts and pages.


Install the plugin and start adding your Fonts

Add-Google-Fonts-To-BlogThen just add them to the pages and post you want to use them on


Pick The Font, Size, and Style…


Within minutes you are adding Web Fonts (not graphics) like this…



Now On Sale Only $7.00





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WP Optins Elite 3.0 Ultimate Listbuilding Plugin for WordPress

bundle300WP Optins Elite was created to make your life easy. Now ad swaps, PPC or PPV campaigns, search and Social media traffic is all so simple.

And WP Optins Elite keeps getting better. 


Squeeze Pages, Sales Pages, Download Pages, Thank You pages, Confirmation Pages…

It’s Point and Click Simple!

Look at what else you can do in minutes:

~Select from a variety of custom buttons, colors.

~Upload your own logo.

~Add Legal Pages for all Optins Elite pages.

~Create “Guru Style” squeeze pages with full screen backgrounds, or video backgrounds.

~Add Exit Page popups.

~Add Timed Redirects.

~Split test your pages and track conversions…

Here are two live squeeze pages I have running:

The first page has a static background while the second has a video backgrounds. How’s that for split testing.



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Make Your Blog Pop With The WP Slider Commander Plugin

The WP Slider Commander Plugin is just so easy to use and your blog gets an eye-catcher.


Finally! Now You Can Add Clickable Image Sliders (With Text) To Your WordPress Pages, Posts, & Sidebars

[pgsm-slideshow id=”2″]


You’d think it would be easy, and now it is!


All I wanted to do was…

  • Put in sliders at the top of some of my sales pages to rotate between screenshots or banners

  • Place a selection of clickable different slider ads in my sidebar and rotate them

  • Display text and HTML with clickable links

  • Make the whole slider image itself clickable

  • And finally I wanted it to work with any theme.


WP Slider Commander


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