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One thing that all product owners (and aspiring business builders) need is MORE affiliates.

The problem is that today there are so many affiliate programs available, how does an affiliate choose which ones to promote?

In my experience as an affiliate it’s been down to time and how easy it is.

If the product owner wants me to jump through hoops just to promote their product, and if it’s over complicated, then I just walk away.

All an affiliate wants is their affiliate link, some banners, and sometimes an article or blog post. Why not also give them some email swipe copy and some forum sigs too?

Ideally you want them to get any promotional materials all wrapped up in code ready for them to copy and paste wherever they need it, with their affiliate link already embedded.


Affiliate Page Tools Plugin for WordPress



This cool plugin allows you to easily set up multiple different promo tools – anything you want – all with the affiliate link embedded in the code.

So these could be just a plain text link with some useful anchor text, banner images, email copy – anything you can think of.

The plugin is flexible enough to accept your code and provide it to the affiliate with their link inside.

In other words, you just made it drop-dead simple for them.

And the chances of them now promoting for you are VERY high.[break]
  This Is How It Works?   [break] Let’s say you have a banner image and you want to give the banner code to the affiliate with their affiliate link embedded. Step 1 The first step would be to create your HTML code with a link inside it – nothing that you wouldn’t already be doing anyway. Step 2 The second step would be to log into your WordPress admin panel where you’ve installed the Promo Tools Plugin and create a new promo group (more on this shortly) and then create a new tool inside that group. promo-tools-admin-02Step 3 You now need to fill in a few fields in the new promo tool you’ve created. So give it a title and paste in the HTML code you created, and replace the link with a special WordPress short code called More Details Here. You’ll need to paste the code into two boxes, the first one will display the banner to the affiliate, and the second will display the swipe code the affiliate will be able to copy and paste onto their own site You can also enter a short description BEFORE the banner code and also after it too, just so you get complete control over the way it all displays. Finally, you can set the order for the promo tool to be displayed on your page. promo-tools-admin-03   Step 4 Create as many other promo tools as you wish, repeating the process for banners, email copy and so on. When you’re done saving, then all you need to do is go back to the groups page and grab the new group shortcode and paste it onto a new WordPress page you create. promo-tools-admin-05 Using Your New Promo Tools Page   If you now view the page you created on the front of your blog, you’ll see all the promo tools you just added, listed in the order you decided. You’ll also see a box at the top of the page where your affiliate can paste their affiliate link and click the submit button. The page will refresh and all of the HTML swipe code for the affiliate will be updated with the affiliates’ link ready for them to use. You just made it a thousand times easier for them to promote. In the case of the banner example above then they’d see something like this. I’ve annotated it with yellow bubbles so you can see what’s what. promo-tools-admin-04 Promo Tools Groups [break] We set up the plugin so that you can create multiple groups of promo tools. We did it this way because we realized you may have multiple items you want to sell on a single site. So what you can do is create a group with all the promo tools for a single saleable item inside, and then use that group code to display them all on a single promo tools page for that single saleable item. promo-tools-admin-01     Think about it... You do the work once and reap the benefit forever. I like that don’t you? Simple and deadly effective!

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